Hospitality and Food

Here at Zion we have many areas for you to connect with us, serve with us, and learn to share God’s word and love with all those in your life.  For more information check out the following ministry areas or contact us for more information.

Any position that includes minors will require you to submit to a background check and interview with our staff member in charge of that area of ministry.  This is to ensure that all children who attend anything at our church are coming to a safe environment.


Food Pantry– We continually collect, stock, and give away food for  people and families in need in our community.

Collections/Drives– At Zion we believe in giving  back to others from our own blessings.  So we collect all sorts of items including food, clothes, shoes, electronics, school supplies and many other items that we then donate or sell to raise money to help support our families in need and others in the community.

Parking Assistant– When we have large events on our campus, we need people to help direct traffic and line up cars as they park on our campus.  This is only really needed a few times a year but is a huge help to people coming to Zion, especially if for the first time.

Welcome Center–  We often have new people visit our church and they are looking for answers to their questions.  If you like being helpful and talking to people please come help in this ministry to make new people feel more welcome at our church.

Fellowship Events–  From dinners to festivals to trivia nights and concerts we have lots of events happening at our church.  This means lots of ways to get involved and lots of people needed to make them happen.

Servant Events–  We go out into our communities to help build houses, rehab neighborhoods, put on events, cook, and many other ways to serve our neighbors.  If you like helping others this is for you.

Missions–  We also believe in helping those around the world and supporting missionaries who work full time in foreign countries to bring the gospel to “All people, teaching and baptizing them in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.”  So whether we travel to help, fundraise to support others, or anything in between, we would love your help.

Public Relations–  Like taking pictures, posting on social media sites, doing updates on websites, designing posters or post cards or anything like this?  Then come help us get the word out that we are here and what all we do.

Photography– Like taking pictures?  Want to attend our events and activities and help us to record what all we did and help us advertise the events in the future?  Just have an eye for cool pictures we can use for media or publications?  Please come help us by using your talents in this medium.

Spiritual Care Ministry– Many people need someone to be there for them.  Whether its just someone to talk to, drive them, talk to them about life situations or their faith, this group is specially trained to support people in their times of need.

Knitting/Quilting–  Like to knit or quilt?  Always wanted to learn how?  This group makes things for people in need or who need something to provide a little support in times of need.

Nursery– During church services and at some of our events, we provide nursery care for parents with small children.  If you want to help with this, you will have to submit to a background check, but we would love to have you come watch these little ones.

Prayer Chain–  We have lots of volunteers who just pray for people, events, and just the world around us.  If you would like to receive updates on people asking for prayer requests and can keep thing confidential, and are willing to pray for them, this is perfect for you.


Prep/Cook– Like to grill, make meals, or bake?   This is for you.  We do meals weekly for some groups, monthly for others, and some are just once a year special type meals.  Come use your talents to feed the masses and have fun doing it.

Serve– We also need people who just want to help serve food made by others.  We have those who can cook at home but not attend the events to help serve.  We need people who can just be there to help families with children plate the food and fill drinks.  This is a fun way to serve others and get to talk to them and get to know them.

Coffee/Drinks–  From Sunday morning at Holy Grounds, or for meetings or Bible studies, it’s nice to have coffee or other drinks at these events.

Cleanup– Enjoy doing dishes, or cleaning up after an event?  Come help us keep our facilities clean and looking good for future events.


Drivers for seniors– Have time to drive seniors to church, doctor’s visits, or just to get groceries or do errands?  We would love to have you help take them around as needed.  

Delivery Driver–  We often need people to deliver food to people or food banks we support, altar flowers to our members who can’t make it to church, or other supplies to donation centers as needed.

Click Here to contact us for more information on any of these areas or to express an interest in getting involved.