Welcome to “come as you are” worship!

We hold our worship services in our Fellowship Hall where we can come, relax, and just be refreshed through music, and time together in God’s Word… in a safe environment.  

No need to dress special for worship (we’ll even provide a mask): come as you are.

No need to understand words and ideas that don’t connect in our culture today: come as you are.

No need to stay away because you’re not sure about Christianity: come as you are.

Or, if you have questions about living with Jesus as your Savior: come as you are.

Oasis is designed to be a refreshing, welcoming worship in a time of spiritual dryness in many lives.

We strive for messages based on Scripture which provide a “take away” for the new week, uplifting contemporary Christian music, opportunity to pray with others for our needs and the support of a community centered in Jesus Christ.


“My Story”

Everyone likes to hear stories… and even more, to tell them. But you don’t need to say a word to tell the story of your relationship with Jesus. Your life will show that story. 

The four messages in the series “My Story” are designed to help us think about living a story worth telling. With examples from the Bible, this series teaches us to either start, stay, stop or go… according to God’s will. 

26 Sept. “I Decided to Stop”

The direction we are heading determines our destination. But sometimes we are heading in a direction that will end up in disaster. We need to stop.

So we ask: what do I need to stop, to do what God wants? If you need to stop one specific sin, one negative behavior in your life, this message aims to help you sort that out.

2 Oct. “I Decided to Go”

The word “go” implies action. Often going means we will need to change locations and situations, as it did for Abraham. Thousands of years later, we hear Jesus commanding us to disciple the nations by going.

But what if we are afraid of inevitable changes when we “go”?  Be part of the Oasis community as we look at how promises can be a key… but not just the promises we make as we go.

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We Meet in the Fellowship Hall (A), and people usually park in (1) on the grass.