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Sermon Series 1  “BLESSED”

1.11.20  “Blessed With a Need”  (we need each other: community)

1.18.20  “Blessed to be a Blessing” (we ‘re created to share: generosity)

1.25.20 “Blessed with a Burden” (what God places on our heart: passion)

2.1.20  “Blessed to Tell His Story” (what Jesus means to me: witnessing)

Sermon Series 2 “Getting Past Your Past”

2.08.20 “Breaking Labels That Bind”  (God has a purpose for each of us)

2.15.20  “Forgiving Those Who Hurt You” (we ‘re forgiven so we can forgive)

2.22.20 “Apologizing to Those You’ve Hurt” (we can be peacemakers)

 2.29.20  “Getting Beyond Your Failures” (God is bigger than any of our failures)

Sermon Series 3  “Those People”

3.7.20 “Overly Needy People”  (we can assist and help restore others)

3.14.20  “Manipulating People” (we can surrender control to God)

3.21.20  “Hypocritical People” (we can lovingly confront hypocrisy)

3.28.20  “Critical People” (God can help us handle criticism)