Welcome to “come as you are” worship!

We hold our worship services in our Fellowship Hall where we can come, relax, and just be refreshed through music, and time together in God’s Word… in a safe environment.  

No need to dress special for worship (we’ll even provide a mask): come as you are.

No need to understand words and ideas that don’t connect in our culture today: come as you are.

No need to stay away because you’re not sure about Christianity: come as you are.

Or, if you have questions about living with Jesus as your Savior: come as you are.

Oasis is designed to be a refreshing, welcoming worship in a time of spiritual dryness in many lives.

We strive for messages based on Scripture which provide a “take away” for the new week, uplifting contemporary Christian music, opportunity to pray with others for our needs and the support of a community centered in Jesus Christ.


“Bringing Out the Best”

How do we manage life’s resources for God’s purposes? Our next sermon series at Oasis will gently challenge us to do our best to honor God and serve our neighbor in the areas of talents, time and treasure.

● 20 Nov.        “The Problem with Money”

The problem with money is not how much or little we have, but what our attitude toward money may be. Instead of depending on God’s gift of money, we can depend on the God who gave it.

So how can we use  our money for God’s purposes? We think about our financial resources being on loan from the Lord, as we explore how to use them to bring out the best in us, for our Savior’s purposes.

“Advent Worship Series

“Open Before Christmas”

Young children can get more impatient than normal during December. The reason is simple: they’re eager to open their Christmas presents. Adults also look forward to the gifts of family and fellowship in these days. A lot of giving goes on around Christmas.

This sermon series for the four Saturdays before Christmas looks at four blessings which can help us prepare for our Christmas celebration. When it comes to these Advent gifts, we’re invited to “Open Before Christmas.”  

● 4 Dec.          “A Gift of Patience”

The weeks before Christmas often are the most hassled of the year. So what do we do when we get impatient?

Be with us to learn how we can use God’s patience with us in our relationship with others… and survive the harried days before Christmas.

● 11 Dec.        “A Gift of Comfort”

The days around Christmas can be difficult if we are dealing with loss or imperfection. Where do we turn for help?

You’re invited to share with us in pondering the prophet Isaiah’s words that Jesus would not “brush off the bruised.”  We can take comfort that God accepts us as we are… but doesn’t leave us there.

● 18 Dec.        “A Gift of Comfort”

We are close to celebrating a holiday which many people anticipate. But have you ever felt forgotten at Christmas?

Jesus’ foster father Joseph can help us feel included this Christmas. His preparation for the first  Christmas points to how remembering God’s promises is an Advent gift.

Special note for the holiday Saturdays:

25 Dec. – No Oasis worship, because Christmas Eve services will be offered in the sanctuary at 4 pm, 7 pm and 11 pm Friday, Dec. 24, as well as a Christmas Day service at 10 am Saturday.

1 Jan. – No Oasis worship. One weekend service will start at 10 am Sunday, Jan. 2  in the sanctuary to begin Zion’s 50th Anniversary Year.

8 Jan. – Oasis worship resumes at 5 pm in the fellowship hall.

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We Meet in the Fellowship Hall (A), and people usually park in (1) on the grass.