Welcome to “come as you are” worship!

We hold our worship services in our Fellowship Hall where we can come, relax, and just be refreshed through music, and time together in God’s Word… in a safe environment.  

No need to dress special for worship (we’ll even provide a mask): come as you are.

No need to understand words and ideas that don’t connect in our culture today: come as you are.

No need to stay away because you’re not sure about Christianity: come as you are.

Or, if you have questions about living with Jesus as your Savior: come as you are.

Oasis is designed to be a refreshing, welcoming worship in a time of spiritual dryness in many lives.

We strive for messages based on Scripture which provide a “take away” for the new week, uplifting contemporary Christian music, opportunity to pray with others for our needs and the support of a community centered in Jesus Christ.

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“Open Hearts, Open Hands”

Generosity has been on display in these weeks after Hurricane Ian brought death and destruction to our area. Followers of Jesus understand that generosity is a Christian approach to discipleship which works whatever the circumstances.

That’s because God opened His heart to love us and bless us. That love led to Jesus opening his hands to die for us on the cross. We respond with hearts that seek to thank and praise… opening our hands to work with the resources which God has entrusted to us.

Three messages explore hands-on ways for us to be at work with “Open Hearts, Open Hands.”

Nov. 19 – “The Big G Stands for…” We can use words beginning with the letter G to think about having open hearts, open hands and the financial resources which God has entrusted to us.

Is generosity just about how big an offering we give at church? Join us to discover a surprising answer.

“While We Are Waiting”

Advent – the season of preparation for Christmas – is a time when key words often are used to provide a weekly worship theme.  Oasis will introduce some new key words for our Advent Saturdays. Themes will tie our waiting to God’s blessings of hope, trust, comfort and love.

Nov. 26 – “Waiting With Hope.”  Hurricane Ian resulted in some of the worst of times in history for our area. Where do we look for hope as we begin preparing for Christmas?

The Old Testament hero Job would have understood that question.  We’ll explore Job’s attitude and actions as he persevered in hope after disasters struck his life.

Dec. 3 – “Waiting With Trust.”  Do you know people who have lost all their possessions in recent weeks? 450 years before Jesus, God’s people started to rebuild their destroyed Jerusalem Temple. Where did they get the strength to get to work?

We’ll use the rebuilding of the Temple as a source for helping us wait with trust for our coming Savior.  

Dec. 10 – “Waiting With Comfort.” Why does a favorite Christmas carol sing about “tidings of comfort and joy”?  Because just like centuries ago, the weeks before Christmas can include bad news in our lives or the lives of those we love.

If you are looking for comfort in this Advent season, join us as we learn from the Old Testament prophet Isaiah where to find consolation in tough times.

Dec. 17 – “Waiting With Love.” Even people who don’t see any spiritual significance to Christmas will agree that love is an appropriate theme for the week before Dec. 25. So where can we find a fresh approach to this holy day which celebrates God’s love?

Some of the first persons mentioned in the New Testament – the priest Zechariah and his wife Elizabeth – show us how God’s love is connected to these days before Christmas.

Special note for the holiday Saturdays

24 Dec. – No Oasis worship, because Christmas Eve services will be offered in the sanctuary at 4 pm, 7 pm and 9 pm Saturday, Dec. 24, as well as Christmas Day service at 10 am Sunday.

31 Dec. – No Oasis worship because New Year’s Eve service will begin at 4 pm in the sanctuary, as well as New Year’s Day service at 10 am Sunday.

7 Jan. – Oasis worship resumes at 5 pm Saturday in the fellowship hall.

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We Meet in the Fellowship Hall (A), and people usually park in (1) on the grass.