Welcome to “come as you are” worship!

We hold our worship services in our Fellowship Hall where we can come, relax, and just be refreshed through music, and time together in God’s Word… in a safe environment.  

No need to dress special for worship: come as you are.

No need to understand words and ideas that don’t connect in our culture today: come as you are.

No need to stay away because you’re not sure about Christianity: come as you are.

Or, if you have questions about living with Jesus as your Savior: come as you are.

Oasis is designed to be a refreshing, welcoming worship in a time of spiritual dryness in many lives.

We strive for messages based on Scripture which provide a “take away” for the new week, uplifting contemporary Christian music, opportunity to pray with others for our needs and the support of a community centered in Jesus Christ.

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“Famous Last Words”

Our dying Savior blessed us with what are called the Seven Words from the Cross. “Famous Last Words” is a Lenten weekend sermon series which unpacks the spiritual depth and helpfulness of the final phrases which Jesus uttered before giving his life for us. 

March 25 – “Depending on the Promise.”  Two of Jesus’ Words from the Cross deal with eternity. “Today you will be with me in Paradise” is his promise to the repentant thief. “Father, into your hands I commend my spirit” is his final Word.

How are these connected? Because both of them point us to God’s promises to us, when we face death. We end our “Famous Last Words” series by looking at the final things in life… and how we can have a living hope, because of Jesus.

“Early” services for Palm Sunday and Easter Day

One aspect of Oasis services being on early Saturday evening is that because we offer Palm Sunday and Easter Day worship on the night before, we can also serve worshipers who might be away on Sunday. Here are details for that worship:

April 1 – “From Parade to Praise.” Do you like parades? What happens afterwards? The first service on Palm Sunday weekend will provide a look at what happened when Jesus entered Jerusalem for his suffering, death and resurrection… and what that means for our lives.

Palm fronds will be available for worshipers to take home. The congregation will share in reading The Crucifixion according to St. Mark, with a group of readers voicing the words of participants in Jesus’ Passion.

April 8 – “An Eggcellent Easter.” Easter eggs aren’t mentioned in the Bible. Yet they have become part of celebrating Jesus’ resurrection for most American Christians.

Can we use eggs to consider the reactions of the first witnesses to Jesus’ resurrection – the women? Come to Oasis and see how eggs can direct our response to Easter. Communion will be celebrated.

“Discoveries in the Psalms”

One aspect in worship during the seven weeks after Easter – the Easter Season – are the joyful songs which many people love to sing. We move into Eastertide with a series of three messages based on the songbook used by the first Christians: the Old Testament Book of Psalms.

Join us to make discoveries in these poems which can bless our living as followers of the risen Jesus.

April 15 – “Don’t Forget!” When someone talks about God’s blessings,  what do you remember? In the first verses of Psalm 103, King David lists five reasons to praise God.

Join us to discover the treasure involved with each reason as we consider how our lives are enriched with God’s blessings.

April 22 – “Created for…” Psalm 100 proclaims there always are reasons to worship God. But how often do we pause to give praise to our Lord?

We show what we value by what we worship. The Bible pictures that worship not only as what we do individually, but when we join with other believers to praise God. Be part of the Oasis community exploring how we can give more and get more from those times when we gather in worship.

April 29 – “For a Good Night’s Sleep.” Have trouble sleeping? If so, you are among one in five Americans who have trouble sleeping at night. So here’s good news: Psalm 121 might help.

These inspired words remind us that in troubling times, God is guarding us. We consider what that means for us not only when we sleep, but also when we’re awake. Celebrate with us how we can rely on Jesus to be with us and bless… wherever we are.

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We Meet in the Fellowship Hall (A), and people usually park in (1) on the grass.